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2013: we made it!

2012 was a very eventful year for us. We lost some of our closest friends and had some turbulence in our professional area. But now we made it!
Illian and Eleona have produced an energizer fro 2013, jump as much as you can, move it and most important: enjoy it!

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2011 @ Gruenberg

Wow, this year is already gone. Here some impression what 2011 wa for the Gruenberg family. Illian was invovled in the Children Beyond project, Eleona was busy with her violine:

Eleona was also starting her career as director of her first movies:

And we visited Taiwan on our anual family trip:

Of course, there was much more to 2011 @ Gruenberg’s:
China-Hsun andy Andy were busy with the normal madness of our family life, combining work, children and all other duties to one managable piece of art. But we are already starting with 2012, so no need to be sentimental…

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Ein Herz Für Kinder

On December 17th, Illain joined the Children Beyond project in the German TV show “Ein Herz Für Kinder” moderated by Thomas Gottschalk:

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Children Beyond @ CS Sport Awards 2011

Illian had the chance to join Children Beyond performing at Swiss TV in the CS Sport Awards show. The show was on air Saturday December 10th. It was very late for the kids, but they did a good job:

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Illian Beyond

Studio Seeschau is taking on new grounds with the Beyond project and is mixing a music CD together with 6 different believes on one music CD. The project was initiated and diligent realized by Regula Curti. The material was shot by famous filmmaker and photo Journalist Alberto Venzago, a concerned photographer I do not know in person. On September 30, 2011 the CD “BEYOND FOR CHILDREN” will be on the market. Illian joined the project and had a lot of fun. He had the honour to sing a solo:

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Illian’s first Opera

On June 13th, 15th and 18th, Illian performend as part of the chorus in Noye’s Fludde by Benjamin Britten, also known as Baron Britten of Aldeburgh, an English composer, conductor, and pianist (1913-1976).Noye’s Fludde, completed in December 1957 and first performed during the 1958 Aldeburgh Festival, is Benjamin Britten most extended and elaborate work for children. Most of the main vocal parts are written for children (the exceptions being Noye himself, Noye’s wife and the Voice of God) and the orchestral forces comprise strings, recorders, bugles, handbells and a large assortment of percussion including such home-made instruments as sandpaper blocks and slung mugs. The congregation also gets the opportunity to participate in three hymn-settings, ‘Lord Jesus, think on me’, ‘Eternal Father, strong to save’ and ‘The spacious firmament’.

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Finally the winter will be over. On monday, Zurich will held the tradition of “Sechseläuten” and the “Böögg” will brund die. Zurich people belive that the time between the lighting of the fire and the explosion of the Böögg`s head is indicative of the coming summer: a quick explosion promises a warm, sunny summer, a drawn-out burning a cold and rainy one. The shortest time on record is 5:07 minutes in 1974, and the longest in 2001 with 26:23.

Ps: this year it took 10:56 minutes, so we should have a nice summer…

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This year is a good year for snow activities. The kids have build an igloo – a type of shelter built out of snow originally built by the Inuit – under professional advice. Actually Iglu is the Inuit word for a house or home built out of any material not restricted exclusively to snowhouses, but outside of Inuit society, however, “igloo” refers exclusively to shelters constructed out of blocks of compacted snow. Have a look:

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back home

After a trip to Germany, a small town called Freiberg near Dresden, I’m finally back home. Snow has delayed all the flights and the temperature was minus 8°C. I was reading Der Spiegel, a German magazine claiming to be political, and the lead topic was Wikileakes. Julian Assange, a Autralian born physicist, has decided to change the world by publishing so called top secret documents on the internet. Again, the so called official world is discussing the terms “freedom” and “responsability”. Funny, because freedom will desapear immidiatly if you put it in to a corset.

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stocked in the airport

This is the first post on a actual date. I’m stocked in the airport since 6 hours (360 minutes). I remeber Tom Hanks, an American actor, in The Terminal, a movie directed by Steven Spielberg. Thats the feeling you get, temporary residence at Zurich airport. Snow over Frankfurt and Dresden keep the plains down on earth.

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